Understanding the principles, benefits, and ethics of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace.

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All training, resources and support included in Project Turing are available for free to College Educators in the West Midlands thanks to funding from WMCA.


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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the ability of a computing device to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. The term is frequently applied to any system endowed with intellectual processes characteristic of humans, such as the ability to reason, discover meaning, generalise, and problem solving by learning from past experience.

Neural Language Processing

Smart assistants, customer service chat bots

Computer Vision

Image recognition and categorising.

Machine Learning

Deep fake image manipulation, Self-driving cars.

Future Technology

Emulates human intelligence across a broad spectrum of abilities. Not yet reality.

What is Project Turing?

Project Turing is a complete package to enable FE tutors to include, and facilitate, an optional Project Based Learning module into their subject area on understanding Artificial Intelligence in their vocational/academic area.

Remote/Hybrid Lesson Delivery

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Cross Curricula AI Lesson Delivery

For Educators

Training on remote/hybrid lesson delivery using MS Teams:

  • Scheduling lessons and adding students
  • Safeguarding and permissions
  • Remote lesson management
  • Sharing lesson content
  • Assignments and Class Notebook
  • Attendance reporting and lesson metrics
  • How to apply differentiation and provide support for students with learning difficulties

Training on Project Based Learning (PBL)

  • What is Project Based Learning
  • Benefits and challenges
  • The differences between traditional projects and PBL
  • Problem / question selection
  • Audience and product identification
  • Maintaining authenticity
  • Recording learning and tracking outcomes
  • Critique, assessment, and feedback loops

Cross-Curricula A.I. delivery training:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Where do we encounter Artificial Intelligence in our day to day lives
  • The fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and its implementation
  • Modern applications of Artificial Intelligence Models
  • Deep learning and neural networks
  • Artificial Intelligence for Good

This training module will include, as a minimum, Lesson plans, Teacher guides, Video resources.

The programme concludes with a West Midlands wide competition with student projects also eligible for entry into the Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior.

For Students

Learn about Artificial Intelligence and it’s modern day applications.  

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, it’s in your home, your school, your car and even your pocket! Learn how you can use Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of your life. 

Take ownership of your education and choose a topic close to your heart. Project based learning puts you in the driving seat allowing you to pick a problem that you feel needs a solution, and then find that solution. Use the power of AI for good and make the change that you feel is needed. 

Take part in West Midlands wide competition that is also eligible for entry into the Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior and win prizes worth up to $599. 

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